Thursday, February 7, 2008

Help Blog Help You

So, what's the point of this blog, aside from being an excuse for me to waste a lot of time? I have a few ideas (time wasting being just one) for ways this site can be useful. See, I really hope you all think of this as your book club, not just mine, and perhaps some interactivity can help.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to not only comment on posts (hint hint, nudge nudge), but to post themselves. You can do so by (A) asking me to add you to the list of users allowed to post or (B) e-mailing me something to post on your behalf.

Here are my ideas for the blog. Add your own!
  • Book proposals: A few folks have already mentioned ideas for future books. Could post these and see what the response is like, especially if you're unsure.
  • Book previews: No one has to do this, but if you want to elaborate on a book choice, this could be a place to do it.
  • Follow-ups on meetings: Does this happen to you? You have a conversation about a random topic, then the next day it comes up in the news or with an unrelated group of friends. That happened with our last meeting (post to come). Anyway, I'll try to post highlights and impressions from each get-together.
  • Random (and not necessarily relevant) thoughts, tidbits: Anything you want to share with the group? Post away!
  • Virtual book club: For those who can't make meetings but still want to feel connected to the group. You can still chime in, through the blog!

Okay, at this point, you're probably as tired of reading all this administrative mumbo jumbo as I am of writing it. Just want to add: I'm open to any suggestions and critiques you have about how the book club is run. (Yes, that's the best Cuba Gooding Jr.-in-"Jerry Maguire" photo I could find. Yes, I realize it's a 12-year-old reference. Sue me!) I'm trying hard not to be bossy book club lady, but feel free to remind me if I'm not being "lazy" enough.


jen said...

I like the idea of book proposals. And maybe even a section where we can talk about what other books we're reading now?

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

I'm semi-blog illiterate but will try to generate a post later. I'm still shilling "Gossip Girl" for when it's my turn to host (provided I'm ever around for the first Sunday!).

And to keep on the back burner: "China Dolls," which was co-written by my friend Michelle Yu. We could do a Q&A with the author after the fact, if folks are interested. She's very cool!

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

P.S. I don't know how to effectively change my sign-on without screwing up the blog I'm running for my high school class. This is Doris! =)