Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Who You Callin' Lazy?

Okay, I admit that creating a blog for the book club seems to go against any claims of laziness on my part. Let me explain: My philosophy for the book club is that it shouldn't be a source of stress. We have enough of that in our lives, right? So the "lazy" label is a reminder that there's no pressure involved: No worries if you haven't finished the book or even read the book (or hate the book). We just want your company! No worries about hosting if you don't want to, or coming if you don't want to. The idea is to have fun, enjoy some female bonding and maybe learn a thing or two.

To keep up with a book club, this lazy woman needed a few guidelines. Here they are:

1) The club meets the first Sunday of the month, as long as there's a quorum. If not, it can be rescheduled at the host's discretion.

2) Hosting duties rotate among members who want to host. You decide the book, the time of day and location, and send out an Evite or e-mail with the info. (Angie can help with this last part if you want.)

3) Each book selection should be announced within a week of the previous meeting, if not earlier, to allow time to procure and read it.

4) Meeting spots don't have to be the host's home: Restaurants, coffee shops and parks are other options.

5) No pressure if you haven't read the book!

You may recall that I originally didn't want to go outside D.C. for meetings. I felt bad about that from the start, so I'm dropping it. Heck, I'll just get a Zipcar and round all y'all up if/when we end up going to Arlington.

Welcome to the club!