Thursday, February 7, 2008

"Killer Heels" Postmortem

Thanks to all who came to the inaugural meeting! It was great to gab with Jenny, Vibha, Brandi, Lisa, Kendra, Tanya and Amanda.

Some of us liked the book better than others. I thought it was entertaining, as far as chick lit goes, if a little predictable on the murder-mystery side. Most of us agreed the author tried too hard with the multitude of pop culture references.

The conversation veered to other topics, of course. Amanda made the point that one problem with the Spice Girls reunion is that they're not spicy enough this time around. The next day, Jenny passed along this follow-up:

The Spice Girls are cutting short their reunion world tour, blaming "family and personal commitments."

The UK band said they would end their tour in Toronto on 26 February, with planned shows in Beijing, Sydney, Cape Town and Buenos Aires being axed.

Reports had suggested a lack of interest in some of the cities.

And a lack of spiciness!

One more follow-up: The book's main character is given a brandy alexander to drink after a traumatic incident. Apparently its fats and carbs are soothing. So we wondered, what's in a brandy alexander? I even pulled out the laptop but never got around to finding the recipe. Here it is, according to Wikipedia:

1.5 ounce brandy
1 ounce dark crème de cacao
1 ounce half-and-half or heavy cream
1/4 tsp grated nutmeg
I also found versions that used milk and ice cream, yum!


jen said...

Oooh. Okay, that drink sounds seriously good. I wonder if bartenders would scoff at it here in DC....

Angie said...

Feist has a song called "Brandy Alexander" on her latest CD, so it can't be that obscure. I'd order it ... except I'm pretty sure I don't like brandy. Maybe the next time I stumble across a dead body and need some comfort ...

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

Just finished the book. It was almost like homework, I found the writing to be so flabby and tedious. I particularly disliked the device of using the advice column for inner monologue.

Bleh. I'm not reading any more Molly Forrester mysteries. That's for sure.