Monday, May 12, 2008


Spotted in Adams Morgan: L, J, K, A and D, giving up the wait at the Diner and venturing for good eats at Bourbon instead. As befits a group of gals lazing about, brunch cocktails were ordered (with the waiter delivering a "backup Bloody Mary" by accident).

K mentioned liking "Gossip Girl" more than she had expected. Everyone at the table had seen the CW series, so how scripts diverge from the novel was fodder for conversation. The consensus was that the Vanessa character seems a lot cooler in the book, but the Humphreys lose something in paperback by living on the Upper West Side instead of in Brooklyn.

References to boozing, sex and bulimia were mentioned as turnoffs for recommending the book to the younger set (ironic, as that's the target audience). Serena's "diet plate" of lettuce, lemon yogurt and hot tea didn't appeal to anyone. (A mentioned celebrity diets seeming to fall into line with that nutritionally questionable assemblage, and the table agreed that teenage girls eat weird things.) One thing the book taught us is that hotel bars don't card. Who knew! If only we could turn back time -- and gain Upper East Side penthouse apartments in the process.

The remainder of a leisurely lunch was spent on actual gossip. Shh, I'll never tell.

Btw, for a peek into the TV wedding plans of Lily van der Woodsen, check this out.


Angie said...

awesome post! you are the one and only Queen D. oh, and D forgot to mention her outfit, which Blair Waldorf would have killed for.

Lisa said...

OMFG, luv the post, D! That website for the Bass-Van der Woodsen wedding is too funny.
xoxo, L

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

I just remembered another weird food pairing in the book: hot chocolate and french fries?

Am plowing through Book 2, "You Know You Love Me." It's a far cry from the TV series, so it's interesting to read about some heretofore unknown characters. I think I'm regressing in my literary picks. Eek!