Monday, March 3, 2008

Free Books!

Okay, as promised, here are the books I'm trying to give away. Please take as much as you want. The rest will be Freecycled. I'd rather not wait until the next meeting to get rid of them, so if you can pick them up at my place or at The Post, that would be great! Just e-mail or put a comment on this post.

Oh, and these should never be sold. A few are uncorrected page proofs from The Post's freebie areas. All of the books are in good or great shape. A couple are hardbacks.

The Books
  1. "Touchy Subjects," by Emma Donoghue -- short stories
  2. "Veil of Roses," by Laura Fitzgerald -- kind of reads as young-adult fiction, maybe good for a teen? cute story, tho.
  3. "The Mermaid Chair," by Sue Monk Kidd (who wrote "The Secret Life of Bees")
  4. "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands," by Chelsea Handler --kinda funny
  5. "The Year of Yes," by Maria Dahvana Headley -- memoir, hardback
  6. "The Pelican Brief," by John Grisham
  7. "A Woman's Passion for Travel: True Stories of World Wanderlust," by a buncha ladies
  8. "The King of Torts," by John Grisham
  9. "The Contenders" -- bunch of contemporary writers on the Democratic candidates -- you can skip to Obama and Clinton, I guess.
  10. "The Street Lawyer," by John Grisham
  11. "Words Fail Me," by Teresa Monachino -- a strange book for word nerds
  12. "The First Horseman," by John Case
  13. "The Reading Group," by Elizabeth Noble -- very cute
  14. "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing," by Melissa Bank
  15. Student's Life Application Bible -- probably best for teens, has some writing on the inside of the front and back covers.
  16. "Father Knows Less OR 'Can I Cook My Sister?': One Dad's Quest to Answer His Son's Most Baffling Questions," by Wendell Jamieson -- He gets experts to answer questions like "Why is the sky blue" and "How did the pineapple get its name?" Pretty neat.
  17. "I Love You, Beth Cooper," by Larry Doyle -- This book is really cute, and I highly recommend it. I just don't think I'll read it again.
  18. "Strawberry Fields," by Marina Lewycka -- novel, never read it
  19. "Mass Media Law," from 2005-06
  20. "Our Family Tree" Record Book -- sort of like a scrapbook, has places for pictures and info about your parents, children, etc.

Ooh I love that. An even 20! Come and get 'em!


1993 GJHS Reunion said...

I'd be interested in "Father Knows Less" and "I Love You, Beth Cooper." I can even pass them along when I'm done.


Anonymous said...

Ha! I was about to say the same thing as Doris. So, I respectfully request passing along to me whenever you finish them. :)

-- Melissa

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

I'm about half-done with "I Love You," so I'll bring that to you soon!