Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An open casting call

I love books. I might love movies more. (What?) This morning my blog reader informed me of this little tidbit: Fox 2000 beat out Warner Bros., Paramount and Universal to adapt one of our past books, Water for Elephants, into a movie.

Fun! Francis Lawrence is signed to direct; the interesting thing is that he last did I Am Legend. Makes me curious to see what he does with this book. Can you imagine some post-apocalyptic circus? Hee.

So. Your picks for the cast? I'm sticking with Ryan Gosling as the lead. I think he could still pull off the young-man-on-a-journey-of-self-discovery look.

The girl? Maybe Rachel McAdams. That could be because I love them together. Keira Knightley if she can pull off the American accent? What about the girl's moody, volatile hubby?

OR. What about the worst casting choices? Shia! Lindsey Lohan!

Who are your choices?


Angie said...

Well, it's hard to beat your picks (loves the McGosling), but how about:

Jim Sturgess? Daniel Radcliffe? Heh.

Not: Josh Hartnett.

Alexis Bledel? Natalie Portman?

Not: Anne Hathaway. Or Jessica Alba.

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

Ooh! This reminds me: A good friend read the book, too, and she thinks that the majority of the scenes in the nursing home are actually after the spoiler alert protagonist has died. She thinks that it's entirely too coincidental that he has a lovely nurse/aide and that the circus just happens to arrive down the street. She posits that all of the present-day scenes are in the afterlife.

Take another look with that perspective. Makes you go "hmm"!

1993 GJHS Reunion said...

As for the casting call, I think Daniel Day Lewis would be awesome as the husband (prolly too old -- and too award-winning). Or maybe Jack Black, if he channels his character from "King Kong."

For the young lovahs ... I'm stumped. I don't know enough of the youngbloods. I like the thought of MacAdams, tho.